The Utah Jazz Weigh In On The Fiery Debate Over Whether A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

Hey, apparently it’s National Sandwich Day today. You can be forgiven for not knowing, since every day of the calendar is a #Day of some sort or another. But reporter Hayley Byrnes remembered, so she took the opportunity to sit down with the Utah Jazz and ask them whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, and thus deserving of honor on this blessed day.

Before we get to who said what, let’s get one thing clear: A hot dog is not a sandwich, no matter what the dictionary’s Twitter account says. You know how I know? Because a hot dog is a hot dog before you put it in the bun. A bunless hot dog for the gluten-free set? Still a hot dog. Can’t call a pile of sliced ham a sandwich, because it needs bread. Good? Good.

Here are the Jazz players with the correct idea about hot dogs, and the ones who need a linguistics lesson.

Not a sandwich: Joe Ingles, Joel Bolomboy, Alec Burks, Raul Neto, Dante Exum, Shelvin Mack

Sandwich: Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward

To be fair, neither Hood nor Hayward seem to feel good about landing on the sandwich side, as both resigned themselves to words like “technically” in a misguided attempt at objectivity. We forgive you two.