Victor Oladipo Shared A Video Message Thanking His Supporters After Surgery


Less than a week has passed since Indiana Pacers star Victor Oladipo suffered a season-ending injury that would require surgery to repair the ruptured quad tendon in his right knee. While the injury was brutal in nature and the recovery process projects to be lengthy, Oladipo appears to be in good spirits and he shared a video message with his supporters on Monday evening.

The Pacers tweeted out a video message from the star that showed Oladipo in a hospital bed.

Oladipo said “the surgery was amazing” and generally thanked his fans, supporters and teammates for their support during this trying time. In keeping with a message previously shared on his Instagram, Oladipo also shared that his surgery was “truly a success” and that he would “be back better than ever.”

Though the vast majority of post-surgery announcements include the notion of success, it is obviously positive to hear this sentiment from Oladipo. He’s become one of the better guards in the NBA and, while his absence will be felt in the immediate aftermath for the Pacers, the future is bright if and when he can return to the floor at 100 percent.

Injuries are not fun and, unfortunately, they will not be going away in the world of professional sports. Oladipo is very easy to root for, however, and he appears ready to tackle his recovery with vigor and positivity.

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