Video: Brooklyn Nets Do The “Cookie Dance” With Commentary

There are so many things to love about this YES network video during a preseason game telecast. It shows Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Andray Blatche and Brook Lopez dancing in tandem with an unnamed kid on a riser behind them. They are attempting a synched “Cookie Dance.”

Things start off innocuously enough, with D-Will and Joe doing their best I’m trying to look chill dance routine and the wild-haired kid behind them busting moves left and right.

Then, BOOM, Joe and Deron are cookie dancing in perfect unison with the kid in the back. This only comes after we hear a choreographer count down in the background.

This pairing is even more unusual because of course Andray Blatche is wearing shades and performing some sort of sawing the arm move I’m unfamiliar with. Brook Lopez just looks possessed.

But you see Brook grasping to find the beat in time here, and they get one good cookie dance sequence in unison before one or the other loses the beat.

These are your Brooklyn Nets!

Now where is the footage for KG and Truth?

What do you think?

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