Video: Kevin Garnett Ejected For Head-Butting Dwight Howard

Oh man, Kevin Garnett is working through something in Brooklyn these days. I think he misses Paul. During the first quarter of the Nets-Rockets game tonight, a routine rebound and whistle on KG turned into a scrum with Dwight Howard that reached an apex (or nadir) when KG thrust his head into Howard’s face after spiking the ball at him.

Here’s the quarrel, but make sure to watch the video from The Brooklyn Game because KG really got emotional and even tries sneaking back to get at Howard after it had seemed like everything has subsided.

Let your speculations about what was said, or why Garnett lost it on Dwight, commence now:

Garnett was of course ejected, especially when he persisted in trying to get to Dwight, like a WWF wrestler trying to sneak past the ref back into the ring.

Jay Z missed the fracas, much to his chagrin.

Both players have been involved in on-court incidents leading up to tonight.

Kevin Durant called Dwight a pu**y from the bench, and Kobe Bryant got into it with Dwight, eventually telling him “try me” before calling him “soft.

Kevin Garnett, if you don’t remember, tried to bite Joakim Noah earlier this year and denied he was trying to bite him after the game before giving a shout-out to Mike Tyson.

KG also aggressively blew into David West‘s face — unlike Lance Stephenson‘s “sensual’ playoff air kiss he gave LeBron.

Dwight’s been targeted by opposing stars, and Garnett is slowly losing his mind in Brooklyn while continuing to head-butt the basketball stanchion and now opposing players.

Weird conflicting footnote about the two players is we’ve seen them film a special together about the playoffs and Garnett’s also gotten puncy with Dwight during the playoffs:


These tweets pretty well sum it up:

(video via The Brooklyn Game)

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