Video: LeBron James Kicks A Rhyme For Damian Lillard’s “4 Bar Friday”

Trail Blazers super sophomore — who also had a pretty good rookie year — Damian Lillard is the brainchild behind “4 Bar Friday.” We’ve been amused and entertained by some of the more noteworthy entrants, but one of the NBA’s biggest names, LeBron James, has entered the fray with his own 4 bars.

Here’s the verse:

“Was dubbed King James before I even had a throne to sit on
Mama knew I was a star before I had a bib to spit on
Two young one’s now, you know I can’t let ’em down
Strivin’ for greatness until all three of us wear a crown.”


He’s not bad, despite some negative comments on Instagram. But you sort of figure that will happen with ‘Bron, still a polarizing player despite his ascension to the top of the NBA pyramid.

What do you think of LeBron’s rap skills?

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