Video: The Mavericks Create A Hilarious “Gangnam Style” Remake

You’ve seen the live-action remake starring Roy Hibbert. You may have seen Golden State’s version, too. At the least you’ve certainly seen the original of Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” the South Korean video that’s jumped the shark so furiously it was rumored as a possible victory dance Tuesday night by President Obama (was it because it played a role with the Nuggets in one of his crucial swing states?) Dallas just did its own version, “Whoop ‘Em Mavericks Style” and it’s none of the above. A hint: O.J. Mayo.

If you remember last season’s “BIG” commercials by the NBA, the ones with the oversized cut-out heads on top of real bodies, this should look familiar. Still, points go to the Mavericks’ video team for creating a video that’s impossible to turn away from as you wait to see what kind of Mayo face on Psy’s body will be conjured next. (From a logistical standpoint, are these the faces they made from media day’s goof shots or did Mavs staff just ask each player to give them the 10 weirdest faces they could photograph? Either answer makes me laugh, just wondering.)

By this point in its 15 minutes of fame, the song should be able to be processed out of your head fairly quickly. Rick Carlisle finding his groove on a boat might take a little longer to flush out.

What do you think?

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