Tracy McGrady Makes Minor League Baseball Debut

We really miss watching Tracy McGrady play basketball, and while we can’t speak for the artist formerly known as the Big Sleep, we might guess he misses it too. On the court, he moved and dominated with an effortless grace that left everyone wondering what if? when he succumbed to injuries.

Now retired from basketball, McGrady has latched on to his other boyhood passion: baseball. The results, so far, haven’t been nearly as pretty. This past Saturday, the 6-8 pitcher made his minor league debut for the independent-league Sugar Land Skeeters and gave up two hits (one HR) and two earned runs in less than two innings of work, according to sportswriter Mike Ashmore. He threw 35 pitches, 18 of them for strikes, and finished with a 10.80 ERA.

It was a rough start for the former NBA scoring champion. But he knows all about rough starts–his first coach in Toronto, Darrell Walker, predicted he’d be out of the league in three years. Good call, coach. Let’s hope T-Mac’s baseball career trends upward in the same way his basketball one once did.


image via @MySportsLegion

Will he make it in baseball?

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