Video: Vince Carter Turns Back Clock For Vintage Facial Jam On Rudy Gobert

Rudy Gobert is 22. The Utah Jazz center was a mere six years-old when Vince Carter made his professional debut in 1998, dunking his way to immediate superstardom. 16 years later, Vinsanity is far more likely to come off a barrage of three-pointers than a soaring poster jam. But the 37 year-old can still get up when the occasion calls for it. To wit, this vintage facial jam over the 7-2 Frenchman that left his Memphis Grizzlies teammates and all of FexEx Forum in a frenzy.

Half (old) man, half amazing!

Vince is hardly his old self these days, but has still never given us reason to believe he couldn’t finish strong over a brave shot-blocker. He just rarely tries. Gobert was too young during Carter’s heyday to properly grasp just how devastating a dunker he really was – he surely wouldn’t have jumped with VC otherwise.

We’re glad he did, though. Carter’s slam took us back Air Canada. Thrilling.

(GIF via SBNation)

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