Vince Carter Proved He’s Still Got It At 40 With Two Incredible Pre-Game Dunks

03.21.17 2 years ago

For a professional athlete that’s not an NFL kicker, it’s hard to carry on a successful career after a certain age. Most careers end in the mid-30s, with some that make it into the late 30s and an even rarer few that reach 40. In the NBA currently there are 24 players that are 35 or older, seven players 37 or older and only one that is 40.

That man is Vince Carter. He’s not just still in the league, but he’s a productive member on a playoff team in the Memphis Grizzlies. Carter, once a high-flying hotshot in his youth, has morphed into one of the league’s best veteran role players in his older age. However, just because Carter now is doing 360 layups in games instead of 360 dunks, don’t forget that this is the man that put on the greatest dunking performance in human history.

And he’s still got it. Carter, at age 40, has spent the last two pre-game warmups reminding us how absurdly athletic he still is at 40 years old. Prior to Tuesday night’s action, Carter threw down an extremely casual between-the-legs dunk after drilling a half-court shot.

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