The Warriors Celebrated Beating The Knicks By Dancing To A Fergie National Anthem Remix

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The Golden State Warriors has quite the evening on Friday at Madison Square Garden. Despite battling with the New York Knicks for three and a half quarters, Kevin Durant decided to go supernova and drop 25 points in the fourth quarter, giving him 41 points on the evening and giving the Dubs a 128-100 win on the road in impressive fashion.

Winning games is tremendous because it means you get to celebrate as the victor. Emotional highs can lead to you doing some silly things, like dancing in your locker room after beating the Knicks to a rather unconventional song.

What song was it? Why, none other than a remixed version of Fergie’s rendition of the national anthem at the 2018 NBA All-Star Game. We know this because a few members of the Dubs posted videos of their unconventional celebration to social media.

It’s a bit odd to celebrate to this in almost November, but there’s a reason for this. Earlier this week, Fergie’s ex-husband, Josh Duhamel, said he believed Draymond Green was “kind of a prick” and owed Fergie an apology for his facial reactions to her rendition of the anthem. Instead, well, we got this out of the Warriors.

Sure, this is a little mean, but if there’s any solace, it’s that this isn’t as mean as what Durant did to the Knicks before this popped up.