It’s Cheaper For Warriors Fans To Fly To Cleveland For Game 4 Than Wait For Game 5

06.09.17 9 months ago 2 Comments

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The NBA Finals could end on Friday night, meaning anyone who wants to see Golden State win a championship better be in Cleveland by Game 4.

As it turns out, Warriors fans taking a trip to Lake Erie would be making a good economic decision as well. Ticket IQ, which follows the prices of hotels and airplane tickets, has kept track of costs for fans to attend games in the NBA Finals this year. Their official advice: get to Cleveland as fast as you can.

Getting to Cleveland from Oakland is actually $165 cheaper than staying put and attending a potential Game 5 at home on Monday.

The price of the Warriors’ postseason efficiency has been great. They’ve already left six potential home games on the table by sweeping their first three opponents and they’re likely to do the same in the NBA Finals. That’s a lot of unused tickets and unattended games in the Bay area, and that scarcity has raised prices considerably on the secondary market.

A similar rise in ticket prices has happened in the Stanley Cup Final, which Priceline had investigated as well. Traveling from Nashville to Thursday night’s Game 5 in Pittsburgh would be $600 cheaper than going to Game 6 in Smashville. That’s a much bigger difference than what’s staring Warriors fans in the face, though I’m sure they all would prefer to see the series end on Friday night.

No one in Oakland wants to see a 3-1 lead staring them in the face after last season.

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