This Ridiculous Warriors Possession Featured A Full-Court Pass And An Incredible Alley-Oop

12.06.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Remember when people said the Golden State Warriors would “need some time to learn to play together” after adding Kevin Durant to the fray? Well, with 20 days left until Christmas, I think it’s safe to say they’ve figured that out.

The Warriors were already up 30 with Klay Thompson on pace to potentially score 80+ points when they whipped this doozy out of their bag of tricks. Draymond Green corralled a jump ball from Zaza Pachulia and in one motion tossed a solid 80-foot pass to Steph Curry that was accurate enough to make Kevin Love blush.

Now, if they play would have ended with a Curry layup it would have already been impressive and highlight-worthy, but that was just the beginning. Instead of scoring himself, Steph just tipped the ball up and behind him, all while he was in mid-air because his telekinesis told him he had an uber-atheletic 7-footer lurking behind him to throw down a dunk. So naturally Kevin Durant sprung into the air and slammed Steph’s challenge of a pass into the rim for the loudest two points of the night.

With the Oakland Raiders – whose Oakland Coliseum is right next door to the Oracle – in attendance, it was only right the Dubs honor the possible NFL MVP Derek Carr with a display of pinpoint passes. As for Carr, he definitely got his money’s worth by attending Monday’s game.

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