Watch The Greek Freak Take Ball Over Defender’s Head, Jump Stop, Rise For Dunk

All of basketball’s talented young players make you wish the future were now. Progress of that group’s upper-echelon, though, can be so tantalizing that it’s easy to appreciate the process while waiting for maturity – Giannis Antetokounmpo is just such a player. Watch The Greek Freak tap into his limitless potential against the Houston Rockets by taking the ball over Kostas Papanikolau’s head before jump-stopping and rising for a powerful dunk.



It seems like we say it every time we profile Giannis, but still bears mentioning again – he’s one of only several players in the world that can complete this sequence. And he’s not even scratching the surface of his potential!

Antetokounmpo has made a habit of the windmill crossover lately. Here he is utilizing the move on a similar play on Friday versus the Detroit Pistons:

Dwyane Wade won’t be around forever; we’re glad The Greek Freak has picked up the windmill crossover mantle.

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