Watch James Harden Fall Off Segway, Miraculously Avoid Knee Injury

09.08.14 5 years ago

You’d think the only thing more amusing than James Harden riding a Segway would be Harden falling off of one. And you’d be right, especially considering the Houston Rockets superstar somehow avoided injury in the process.

That wasn’t some ill-fated metaphor: Here is video of Harden riding and falling off of the stand-up vehicle made famous by Arrested Development’s Gob Bluth during Team USA’s off-day.

The way Harden plays off his tumble by casually jogging a few yards only adds to the hilarity, as do the reactions of his handlers – who, it should be noted, are utilizing more practical means of transportation.

But seriously, the awkward pressure Harden puts on his left knee while crashing makes us cringe. A lesser athlete – ahem, us – would surely have succumbed to structural damage under the same circumstance, a humbling reality confirmed by the ACL tear we suffered during a far less strenuous stumble.

We’re glad you’re okay, James. But stay off those Segways – humanity still isn’t ready for the vehicle of the future.

(Video via MakNBA)

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