Watch LeBron Learn To Play The Piano In China

07.22.14 5 years ago

LeBron James is currently in Beijing as part of a Nike promotional tour. Yesterday, he finally had the chance to meet one of the most famous pianist in the world. It was a meeting that was almost a year in the making.

Lang Lang is a very well known Chinese concert pianist who has done work both in China and the United States. Last September, Lang posted a video tribute to LeBron with what he called a “musical slam dunk”:

Immediately after, LeBron posted a video reply to show his appreciation, and to request a piano lesson from Lang:

LeBron and Lang actually have a lot in common. Both were what you could call child prodigies in their respective fields. Lang started taking formal piano lessons at the age of 3, while LeBron has been under the spotlight here in North America since his high school days.

LeBron may not know much about what it takes to be a pianist, and vice versa with Lang and professional basketball, but there’s a mutual respect and understanding between the two because they both understand the hard work required to become the best at what they do.

The two finally got to meet yesterday. The stars exchanged gifts; Lang received a pair of basketball shoes, while LeBron got some of Lang’s music.

The two also got together at the piano for Lang to finally give LeBron the piano lesson he’s been asking for:

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