Boban Marjanovic And Tobias Harris Hung Out With Will Smith In Miami On The ‘Bad Boys For Life’ Set


Boban Marjanovic will make his debut on the big screen in May when John Wick 3 comes out. His appearance in the film made it into one of the trailers for the movie and it appears he will meet his demise at the hand of the world’s greatest assassin in a library of all places.

The 7’3 Marjanovic has become a fan favorite in the NBA, partially because he’s amazingly efficient on the court and partially due to the very funny videos he and his buddy Tobias Harris post. Luckily, Harris and Marjanovic remain teammates despite being traded twice in two years, and are now part of the Philadelphia 76ers, helping them to the 3-seed in the East after being dealt there from L.A. near the deadline.

The two best friends are in Miami for the Sixers’ upcoming game with the Heat, but with two days off between games thanks to the NBA not playing on national championship night, they’re able to enjoy South Beach with a Philly legend. Will Smith is in Miami filming Bad Boys For Life with Martin Lawrence and had Tobi and Bobi join him on set, and we can only hope this means cameo appearances were made.

There’s no confirmation of this, but Tobias does use the #BadBoysForLife tag with the eyeballs emoji, so hopefully this means Boban’s IMdB page will soon have two entries on it. Also, beyond our dreams of Bobi and Tobi on the big screen together, this is a reminder of how preposterously tall both men are, because Will Smith is one of the taller actors in Hollywood and he looks like Kit Harrington standing next to normal heighted folks here.