They’re Not Getting Kevin Durant, So The Wizards Reportedly Want To Sign Ryan Anderson

The Washington Wizards are exercising something that their neighboring politicians are all too familiar with: pragmatism. In the face of extremely slim odds at achieving the ideal of signing hometown superstar Kevin Durant in free agency, they’ve set their sights on a much more realistic target.

Ryan Anderson is a stretch-four with a great shooting touch, decent basketball instincts, and very little speed or athleticism to offer on defense or in the full-court. He would help Washington win a few extra games, maybe, and he’s who they’re hoping to sign when free agency begins on July 1, according to J. Michael of CSN MidAtlantic.

Anderson, currently of the New Orleans Pelicans, is expected to wait until Durant makes his decision on free agency, Michael reports, before he makes his own. The post-Durant market is likely to provide him more options in terms of both location and salary, as many of the front offices saving a spot for a savior are bound to pivot toward role players who are slightly out of the maximum-salary range once they miss out on K.D.

Anderson, in the best climate in the history of NBA free agency for mid-tier players, might make as much as $20 million per year. Will Washington be the team to give him his payday, and is he worth it despite how much room everyone will have with the higher cap?

(via CSN MidAtlantic)