Zion Williamson Sealed A Win With A Steal And Massive Dunk

02.08.18 12 months ago

ESPN via Twitter/@cjzero

Zion Williamson is headed to Duke next season as part of arguably the best recruiting class in college hoops history, but for now he remains at Spartanburg Day School, lighting up the South Carolina high school circuit.

There are legitimate questions to be asked about what position Williamson will play at the next level (and, especially, later in the pros), but his incredible athleticism negates a lot of the questions about him being a shorter big man, and at the high school level he’s an absolutely dominant presence.

On Thursday, that dominant, breathtaking athleticism was on display in a showcase game against Greensboro in Spartanburg, where Williamson’s Griffins were holding on to a narrow two-point lead late while Greensboro had the ball. A poorly-angled entry pass created an opportunity for Zion, who took advantage with a steal that put him on the break — which is where he’s one of the best at any level of putting on a show.

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