‘Marvel’s Avengers’ ‘Spider-Man’ DLC Will Come With An Exclusive Story And Cutscenes

With a live-action multiverse-packed movie on the way, a second animated film coming next October, and a new game from Insomniac lined-up for release in 2023, it’s safe to say the world can’t get enough Spider-Man — and if you’re a PlayStation 5 owner, that’s not where it stops. According to MP1ST (via IGN), Marvel’s Avengers upcoming Spider-Man DLC doesn’t just offer players a new character, but an entirely new story as well, making the exclusive content even more alluring for all the Spidey fans out there and potentially well-worth picking up.

The big news was confirmed earlier this week by developer Crystal Dynamics’ senior producer Dan Matlack himself on the official Marvel’s Avengers Discord server. After a long period of silence regarding the game’s web-slinging DLC, a fan asked if the new content would feature a Spider-Man storyline. Matlack quickly assured them the new content was considered an “event,” and would therefore come with an entire story:

“Spider-Man is what we call an ‘event’ so he will have cutscenes and a story for sure.”

Following the big reveal, Matlack proceeded to outline the game’s upcoming raid, in which players will battle Klaw, the primary villain of the Marvel’s Avengers’ last expansion, War for Wakanda. This raid marks the first-ever for the series, and should help appease fans of the pseudo-looter-shooter title who’ve been asking for this kind of content for as long as Marvel’s Avengers has been on shelves.

Both the raid and the currently unnamed Spider-Man DLC are scheduled to hit Marvel’s Avengers by the end of the year. Furthermore, Crystal Dynamics has confirmed even more content is coming in 2023, keeping the games-as-service title alive even longer.