‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Is Getting A TV Sequel

My Best Friend’s Wedding is nearly 20 years old, meaning it only has eight years left until it has to make good on its drunken pact to marry its best friend if neither of them finds anybody else. It also means, according to franchise-happy Hollywood, that the 1997 rom-com is due for a small-screen sequel.

The Hollywood Reporter shares that the beloved film — which stars Julia Roberts as a two-faced, big-haired food critic attempting to sabotage the wedding between her best friend (Dermot Mulroney) and his headband-sporting fiance (Cameron Diaz) — is set for a reprise, this time on ABC. This version of Wedding will pick up where the movie ended: Julianne Potter, freshly rejected by her lip-scarred BFF Michael, takes to the dance floor at Michael’s wedding with her other BFF, George (Rupert Everett), a gay man who has flown to the reception just to comfort her. THR reports that the series will follow Julianne and George as they “navigate” their lives in New York City — or rather, as George “guides” Julianne around New York City, which is confusing, because she’s lived there for a while, but perhaps directions aren’t her strong suit.

None of the original cast members are involved, which is a massive blow; I’m going to need to sit down for a bit with my diffuser and a bright green face mask to process this. But the film’s original producers, Jerry and Janet Zucker, will be back, as will its writer, Academy Award-winner Ron Bass. So while we won’t get to see Julia and Cameron screaming at each other in a public restroom, we’ll probably be gifted with at least three scenes in which a group of drunk white people sing Dionne Warwick songs loudly in a restaurant.