Nick De La Hoyde Talks All Kinds Of Football With B Dot On ‘Hang Time’

Nick De La Hoyde‘s career has taken him from the soccer field, to the stage, and now, to the football field alongside Brandon “B Dot” Armstrong for the latest installment of Hang Time.

The singer/songwriter/rapper shows off some some real athleticism – likely from his time as a professional footballer in Barcelona – as he hangs from a goal post with our host and pledges his allegiance to Cowboys Nation – even though he admits he knows “f*ck all” about the actual team – and names the one soccer player he thinks has the chops to make it in the NFL.

Take a look at the latest episode to hear all about De La Hoyde’s forthcoming EP, Never Gonna Beg For It and to see if he’ll be able to outlast B Dot on the uprights.