PETA Offers A Rare Compliment To Ryan Gosling For His ‘Barbie’ Costumes

For an organization based on promoting the well-being of living things, PETA has a long history of being particularly nasty to anyone within a twelve-foot radius of an animal byproduct. Or certain video games.

But thanks to the power of Barbie, it seems like PETA has changed its tune and is now celebrating the wins instead of always having to call out the losses. To them, there are just so many losses.

PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange released a statement (via TMZ) hyping up the one and only Ken, and therefore Ryan Gosling, thanking him for his cruelty-free outfits in the costume-heavy film. “From his fabulous faux mink coat to his rad vegan leather boots, Ken serves looks that mirror actor Ryan Gosling’s own kindness to animals and refusal to wear fur,” Lange told the site. No word on if Ken’s disco jumpsuit consisted of ethically-sourced, eco-friendly sequins, but maybe that issue isn’t on PETA’s radar. Yet.

To take it a step further, PETA is already putting out a disclaimer on Halloween costumes. “PETA encourages everyone to be Kenough this Halloween by following in Gosling’s footsteps and keeping animals’ skins out of the mojo dojo casa house,” Lange continued.” So if you’re looking to don a Barbie-inspired costume like the rest of the world, you should also consider eco-friendly glitter while you’re at it. Microplastics are bad for the animals, too!

(Via TMZ)