Ryan Reynolds Has Crafted The Perfectly Snarky Father’s Day Cocktail: The Vasectomy

Ryan Reynolds has got the kind of life that makes you want to punch him: He’s a talented actor who’s good-looking with a natural affability and is genuinely very funny. He and Gossip Girl star/fashion icon Blake Lively have been married for going on nine years now and seem to have a very happy family life with their three daughters at their country estate in New York, where Martha Stewart is their neighbor. Hell, they probably even swap pie recipes. And you know those crusts are being made from scratch then probably cooling on a windowsill somewhere!

Reynolds is also the face of an amazingly popular superhero franchise with Deadpool. And, in recent years, he has proven himself to be a pretty savvy entrepreneur with his purchase of Mint Mobile and his investment in Aviation Gin, which sold for $610 million in 2020 (though he remains the face of the brand).

Yet Reynolds still somehow found time to take a break from his seemingly perfect life to poke a little fun at his embarrassment of riches in the charmingly snarky way that only he can by creating a Father’s Day-themed cocktail video for Aviation, in which he mixes up a special Father’s Day cocktail: The Vasectomy.

In addition to watching Reynolds be a kind of terrible bartender, he describes the cocktail’s ingredients by delivering such gems as “Fill a tall glass with ice, the way children fill our lives with so much joy” and “Pour three ounces of tonic—so bubbly, just like I feel every day after I wake up after a long, full night’s sleep.”

You can watch the full video above.

(Via The Wrap)