Which ‘Love Island UK’ Couples Are Still Together From Season 10?

It’s been a few days since Love Island season 10 came to a close, but the finale brought a shocking end to the series for many. In an unexpected finish, Sammy and Jess were crowned the winner of season 10 while Whitney and Lochan — who were previously voted the most compatible couple on the island — finished second. Tyrique and Ella finished third and Molly and Zach came in fourth.

The aforementioned couples will leave the villa and join Mitchel and Ella B, Ouzy and Kady, Catherine and Elom, and Montell and Leah as islanders who successfully found love before exiting the villa. The question that remains is will these couples last? Scroll down to see the current relationship status of couples from Love Island season 10 and make sure to check back for updates as time goes on.

Sammy & Jess: Split

Update 10/3/2023: The Daily Mail, The Sun, and other sources reported that Jess and Sammy had officially called it quits just two months after winning the 10th series of Love Island. It’s said that the two decided that they were “better off as friends” as their “relationship changed since leaving the villa.”

Original 8/3/2023: Sammy (22) and Jess (22), the season 10 winners of Love Island, will exit the villa with £50,000 to their name and a new relationship to continue. The pair made it official as boyfriend and girlfriend in the final weeks of the season. Their new status as a couple came after a plethora of ups and downs throughout the season which included Sammy, a Day 4 bombshell, frequently speaking with other girls in the villa, and even bringing one back from Casa Amor, before the two were able to settle into their current relationship. Hopefully, the ups and downs are in their past, but we’ll see how things go now that they’re out of the villa.

Lochan & Whitney: Together

Lochan (25) and Whitney (25) are the season 10 runner-ups of Love Island, though many believed the two would end the season £50,000 richer. Lochan and Whitney’s relationship began in Casa Amor where the two met after Whitney was left to be single for a few days after Medhi’s exit. Unlike the other couples in the villa, Lochan and Whitney had a very drama-free path toward love in the villa. There were no arguments between them and they took their time working toward their current status as an exclusive relationship. There was even a point where they were voted most compatible in the villa, something many fans believed is why they were not voted the winners of this season. Nonetheless, Whitney and Lochan seem to be smooth sailing heading out of the villa, and fans want it to remain the same going forward.

Tyrique & Ella: Together

Tyrique (24) and Ella (23) finished in third place for Love Island season 10, despite being this season’s longest-tenured couple. Ups and downs and drama aside, Tyrique and Ella have been more or less together since day one. They were in a couple for all of their 58 days in the villa outside of two weeks in the season: days 9-14 when Leah picked Ty for a couple and days 31-37 after Ella returned from Casa Amor with Ouzy. Ty and Ella’s relationship delivered a number of shocking and dramatic moments throughout the season, for better (the entertainment) and for worse (the perception of their relationship). They ranged from Ella’s decision to bring Ouzy back from Casa Amor and Ty’s various out-of-pocket remarks and days of flirting with Kady.

On their best days, the two were in a great place, cuddled up, giggling, and enjoying each other’s presence. On their worst days, arguments between themselves or the other islanders occurred that didn’t paint them in the best light. Despite it all, the duo has gained a supportive and fairly loyal fanbase, all of whom wish that Ty and Ella’s best days are the only days they have going forward.

Zach & Molly: Together

Zach (25) and Molly (21) didn’t begin Love Island season 10 as a couple like Ty and Ella did. Instead, they sought to make things work in other couples before gravitating toward each other. Zach, a Day 2 bombshell, was with Catherine and Molly was with Mitchel, but two weeks into the season, following a kiss during a challenge, Zach and Molly began their couple and the rest was history. Their relationship, which was made official in the final days of the season, almost came to an end as Molly was dumped from the island on Day 19. However, in a shocking twist of events, she was brought back in for Casa Amor on Day 27. She and Zach picked up where they left off and cruised to the finale where they finished in fourth place. Some islanders feared that the two would struggle to make their relationship due to Molly living in North London and Zach residing in South London, but it all remains to be seen if they can find a way to make their love last.

Mitchel & Ella B: Split

Update 8/31/2023: In a post to her Instagram Story, Ella B announced that her and Mitchell’s relationship has come to an end. “Unfortunately myself and Mitch have decided to end our relationship. I really wanted things to work out and I’m gutted that our journey has come to an end,” she wrote. Mitch also shared a post on his Instagram Story and gave a bit more of a reason for the split. “We had no intentions of ending but with our busy lives at the moment and living the other side of the country it made it extremely hard for it to work,” he wrote.

Original 8/3/2023: Mitchel (26) had been in four couples before he found something that seemingly worked for him with bombshell Ella B (23), who entered the villa on Day 39. He tried to make it work with Molly, Jess, Leah, and Abi, but they were all to no avail. Luckily for him, he and Ella B seemed to be a perfect match, though, just two weeks together in the villa made it hard for many to see if they were really compatible, as their fellow islanders made clear. Mitch and Ella B were voted out of the villas prior to the finale as they were deemed the least compatible out of the remaining couples in the villa. Mitch’s early indecisiveness between Abi and Ella B, as well as his “Messy Mitch” moniker, certainly didn’t do much to help his appeal, but who knows? Maybe Mitch is done with the mess and ready to settle into his relationship with Ella B.

Ouzy & Kady: Split

Update 8/8/2023: In an Instagram Story post on August 8, Kady announced that she and Ouzy are no longer in a relationship. “Sadly late last night Ouzy’s behaviour and actions from the 30th July were brought to my attention,” she wrote. “Ouzy is one of the loveliest people I have met and I know he is remorseful but unfortunately actions have consequences and although we are not ‘official’ in our relationship status I am definitely not prepared to start a relationship off on this foot.”

Ouzy also shared a post of his own where he took responsibility for his actions. “Just wanted to say what’s happened with me and Kady has NOTHING to do with her or any false rumors that have been flying about,” he wrote. “It’s because of my actions that things have ended not Kady’s and I have apologized to her already.” The rumors Ouzy noted in his message are tied to reports (as well as comments from Messy Mitch) that said Kady allegedly went into Love Island season 10 with a secret boyfriend, something Kady said is “categorically false.”

Original 8/3/2023: Ouzy (28) and Kady’s (27) relationship is another example of a post-Casa Amor couple in this season of Love Island. Kady, Love Island season two alum, entered the villa with her eyes set on Zach, and while she was able to land in a couple with him, it didn’t last too long as Casa Amor began a week later, which as we now know, ended their relationship. Ouzy was one of the guys to enter Casa Amor and successfully make it into the villa, but it was originally through a couple with Ella. That didn’t last too long either as Ella instantly regretted her decision and returned to Ty. In the week that followed Casa Amor concluded, Ouzy and Kady found a spark between each other, and on Day 37, they officially began their journey as a couple. It didn’t last too long as they were dumped on Day 44, but in Kady’s words following the exit, things are going well. They just haven’t had time to have a date yet, for good reason though.

“We were meant to go on a date the other day, but I was bedbound, because I was ill,” Kady said to Closer in a joint interview with Ouzy. “We were meant to go to lunch but I kind of ruined it because I was in bed all day.” Ouzy wasn’t too worried about things as he chalked it up to “everything that’s been going on.”

Montell & Leah: Split

One of the early official post-villa splits from Love Island this season came from Montell (25) and Leah (27). The two were together since Day 18 of this season, and it looked like they would have a strong chance of making it to the finale as an extremely compatible couple. All of that changed through Montell’s actions in Casa Amor, which set their relationship back to its starting point. Montell and Leah never fully recovered, though they continued as a couple until their dumping on Day 38, just a week after Casa Amor concluded.

Shortly after their exit from Love Island, Leah revealed that she and Montell decided to “just be friends” moving forward. “Our time in the villa was absolutely incredible, but we’ve actually decided to just be friends,” she said to Kennedy News and Media according to Daily Mail. “We get on really well and I do really like him, but I feel like for me it’s never enough. I’m obviously looking for someone long-term who shares the same values and morals as me. I’m glad we built a really good connection while we were there and I know that we’re always going to be friends, but in terms of romantic; we’ve decided to end things.”

Elom & Catherine: Split

Elom (22) and Catherine’s (22) romance was birthed in Casa Amor, something that quickly proved to be controversial in the villa. That’s because Catherine decided to ditch what seemed like a great relationship with Scott in favor of a new one with Elom. Controversy aside, Elom and Catherine seemed to be a perfect match and they continued to grow as a couple in the days that followed Casa Amor. Unfortunately for them, they were shockingly dumped from the island on Day 38 after they were voted least compatible in a public vote.

According to The U.S. Sun, Elom and Catherine’s relationship would not last long after their dumping. Speaking to New Magazine, Catherine said, “Me and Elom, we get along. But we were already going through the bombshell comments and dealing with that.” She added, “So our relationship already had holes in it, but early on we decided that we were going to be friends.”

André & Ruchee: Together (Maybe?)

André (21) and Ruchee (24) seemed to be a good match for each other as they cozied up to each other towards the end of week one. On Day 5, they officially became a couple, but that was short-lived as André opted to return to his original couple with Catherine on Day 9. That was also short-lived as he was dumped from the island three days later. In later discussions, André expressed his hope to get a second chance with Ruchee, but that idea was initially shut down by her. It turns out that André may have gotten his wish granted.

At the end of June, images circulated of André and Ruchee on what appeared to be a date. The two were cuddled up at what seemed to be a restaurant, and later on, more images arrived to prove that the two were spending a lot of time together. Ruchee also shared an Instagram photo, with the caption, “Me walking around Paris looking for Medhi so I can ask him where he was getting all that attitude from?” Mehdi replied, “Only if we get to eat snails” and André added, “count me in too.” However, it’s the comment from another fan that got the most attention. One fan wrote, “Boss lady of @dre.furtado,” while tagging André’s Instagram page and Ruchee pinned the comment to the top of the post. Long story short, all signs point to yes, but we’ll have to wait for confirmation from the two.

Scott & Catherine: Who Knows

There was a point in Love Island season 10 when Scott and Catherine were the show’s strongest couple. It was a joy to watch them grow closer and closer together through adorable and warm moments in episodes. Some might argue that the two were such a strong couple that the other islanders tried to sabotage their relationship, as Mitchel alluded to in a recent podcast interview. Intentional or not, it seemed to work as Catherine returned with Elom after Casa Amor. Tensions were high between Catherine and Scott afterward as he was hurt and taken aback by her decisions.

Now that things have not worked out between Catherine and Elom, it’s pretty clear that Catherine and Scott are back on. Various TikToks have captured the two being flirtatious with each other, with one showing them in each other arms. During the Love Island season 10 reunion, Catherine and Scott were asked about their relationship status, but the two were very tight-lipped about it. With the hate comments and more that Catherine has faced since her dumping from the villa, it’s safe to say that she and Catherine will be a bit more private with their relationship going forward. Though, she did discuss Scott in an upcoming podcast interview.

Weeks after the Love Island UK series 10 reunion, Scott surprised everyone by appearing as a bombshell in the recent season of Love Island USA. He briefly coupled up with Johnnie Olivia but was dumped after the public voted for their favorite couples. Catherine claimed she wasn’t aware of Scott’s impending appearance of Love Island USA, saying she “didn’t know about it for a while, then it came into my ear, but you know I wish him all the best, I’ll be here for him.” Scott later refuted this claim by noting that “all other Islanders were aware and supportive of his decision.” Despite all of this, Catherine still appeared to be open to the idea of rekindling her romance with Scott when she was asked about it. “I can’t predict the future, but again we are friends,” she said. “You know I always say never say never, but I don’t know what will happen. If it’s meant to be, it will be.”

Mitchell & Abi — Seemingly Together

Well, there’s nothing like a good spin of the block, right? It appears that Mitchell and Abi are back together despite all of the drama they went through thanks to a messy split in the villa. Towards the end of September, they were photographed together at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins Awards in London. Later on, Abi posted a TikTok where the couple lip-synced, “Ok guys, we’re back. Did you miss us? Because we missed you.” They’ve also been seen at brunch and dinner together and they were spotted rocking matching bracelets. It’s a lot of information to take in without an official answer, but the speculation continues until we get one.

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