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The Final Destination won the weekend again with a lackluster $12.4 mil, down 54.6% from its first weekend, which is actually pretty good for a crappy horror film.  Do we even have to still keep calling these “horror films”?  That seems like giving them too much credit.  How about “loud noise flicks”.

All About Steve pulled in $11.2 million for number two, which is sad considering it is, to my knowledge, the worst reviewed film of the year.  Jesus, could they make the poster look any more like Simple Jack? What the f’ck is she doing?  Why the f’ck is she holding an umbrella?  Who the f’ck’s idea was this? You’ve done it again, Fox execs.  Here, have a  herring and a red ball to balance on your snout.

Elsewhere, Inglourious Basterds landed in the three spot (which your mom lets me do sometimes) and should cross $100 million in a few weeks.

It ain’t Transformers (which crossed the $400 mil mark this weekend *facepalm*) but it looks like a sure thing to become Tarantino’s highest gross ever (formerly Pulp Fiction with $108 mil, which I saw three times in the theater).  DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH COCAINE THAT MUCH MONEY WILL BUY??!??!!!!

So who were the big losers this week?  Gamer, the rip-off of pretty much every b-movie ever, only made $9 mil.  Does its failure in light of All About Steve’s success mean guys are less willing to spend money on a f’cked out plot than girls are, and are thus smarter?  …No, probably not. Gamer is arguably more paint-by-numbers, Steve had more proven stars, and in the end we’re only talking a two million dollar difference. But on the other hand, clean my house.

Mike Judge’s Extract (number 10) didn’t open on as many screens and was fifth in per-screen average, but adjusted for inflation, it still opened worse than Office Space, which was considered a bomb until it cleaned up on DVD. It appears God is still punishing him for King of the Hill. Tough but fair.

Film Weekend per screen
1 The Final Destination $12,435,000 (-54.6%) $3,984 $47,566,000
2 All About Steve $11,200,000 $4,976 $11,200,000
3 Inglourious Basterds $10,847,000 (-43.8%) $3,230 $91,042,000
4 Gamer $9,000,000 $3,597 $9,000,000
5 District 9 $7,000,000 (-31.8%) $2,230 $101,274,000
6 Halloween II $5,608,000 (-65.7%) $1,816 $25,664,000
7 Julie & Julia $5,200,000 (-26.1%) $2,057 $78,840,000
8 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra $5,100,000 (-33.9%) $1,792 $139,415,000
9 The Time Traveler’s Wife $4,215,000 (-34.7%) $1,504 $54,557,000
10 Extract $4,187,000 $2,599 $4,187,000

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