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08.29.08 34 Comments

Last night someone sent me this brilliant breakdown of Bill Maher’s Religulous (another video after the jump), made by a couple of goth Christians calling themselves The Rapture Right. The video is long, but definitely worth a watch if you’ve got the time. The first thing I noticed was that actual hardcore Christians are never this funny, unless they’re speaking in tongues. Not to mention that the guy who directed Religulous also directed Borat.

I did a little digging and found their MySpace page, which features their song “Heaven”, and the lyrics “They’ve got X-Ray glasses and hoverboards in heaven.” I too have always associated heaven with Back to the Future. And then there’s a little jam called “Jesus Touched Me” (Je-sus/touched more than my heart…). They also have a website with some pretty sweet flash graphics, and cartoons like the one I’ve included at right.

I talked to some people at Lionsgate who swore that as far as they knew, these guys aren’t affiliated with the movie, and that the studio already has a separate viral site and campaign of their own. It’s possible the Lionsgate people didn’t know, but there’s no way these guys are for real. They are pretty funny though.

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