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02.17.10 16 Comments

Back in 2008, I posted some douchey phone messages (included after the jump) from guy calling himself Dmitri who demanded to know why a woman named Olga wasn’t calling him back, at one point wondering aloud “Maybe you were abused as a child, maybe your mother has cancer and you’re going to chemo…”

After that I sort of forgot about him, but it turns out that as much as he seems like a Sacha Baron Cohen character, he’s 

“LOL! Incredible.  Now I know that you are an ignorant macho f-ck as my gut was telling me.  Incredible.  Don’t email me period.  You are a very disturbed f-cked up person.  GOOD RIDDANCE!” …Susan O.B., Man Hating C-nt, Likely Sexually Abused in Childhood.

The last line of the description for this trailer is “Do you feel that Dimitri’s famous “voicemail messages” are REAL or an ingenious MARKETING HOAX?”  So basically, he’s using the is-he-real hook to sell a movie, like meta marketing. Oh marketing.  How does it feel that nowadays when people meet an asshole, they have to stop and say, “Wait no, maybe he’s just a marketing genius.”

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