Full-Length Trailer for Paul Is Making Me Look Like an Idiot

Senior Editor
12.17.10 15 Comments

It was only yesterday that I was explaining why Paul, starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, from director Greg Mottola, was one of my most anticipated films of the year.  “It looks like an homage to weird 80s movies, Greg Mottola always does an amazing job capturing the spirit of 80s movies, and blah blah blah,” I said.

Now the full-length trailer is out, and I look like an idiot!  The thing’s chock-full of nutshots!  I’m already on record as saying that nutshots in the trailer are the kiss of death!  (For a comedy, anyway. In a Holocaust drama, each shot to the nuts in the trailer increases my desire to see the film by 30%).  Boy, is there egg on my face.  I still want to see this, it looks weird as hell.  But what of the nutshots?   This theory is very important to me.  Perhaps we could label  this old “exception that proves the rule.”  That phrase never made much sense to me before.  I think what happened was, the guy who invented it had come up with a theory, like nutshots in the trailer always making for a bad movie, and then someone publicly disproved it.  So he was all like, “No, see, the exception to the rule makes the rule EVEN MORE true!”  Then I bet he tossed a smoke grenade and dove out the window.  That’s what I would do.


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