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11.19.08 26 Comments

There’s no doubt Robert Pattinson is going to get a lot of crap for being in Twilight, plus, look at his ridiculous goddamn hair.  Nonetheless, he summed up Twilight about as perfectly as anyone I’ve heard last week, and today he engaged in a favorite pastime of mine: making fun of crappy movies.

(Of Corky Romano)
“The first time I was in L.A. I was watching it on TV. The scene where he’s on coke…was literally the only thing that they advertised, it was like the only point of the whole movie! I love that character. I love how Chris Kattan just stripped his whole career in one movie. The only guy off Saturday Night Live who just messed it up! It’s like, what happened? The only guy. That’s why I think it’s so great.

“I also love the behind-the-scenes stuff on the DVD where none of the crew are laughing; the director’s [hiding] and he’s telling Chris Kattan, “Just do something funny, just make Chris Penn laugh,” and none of the crew think it’s funny at all. And you can tell Chris Kattan is just freaking out. Also, he had that vein, which I have which pops out of his head. I can really relate to him.” [RottenTomatoes]

Reached for comment, Chris Kattan said, “Ha, that was funny!  Hey, if you’re not doing anything, maybe we could hang out.  I mean, I had some, uh, meetings and stuff, but I could totally reschedule.  Really, it’s no trouble.”

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