Inception to pass $100 million by tomorrow (and more)

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07.21.10 10 Comments

In this behind-the-scenes clip from The Expendables, Sly goes to Brazil to watch MMA fights in the hopes of casting some extras. You’ll never believe this, but it turns out the usual crop of fruity Disney Channel queerbait with Zac Efron hair don’t make the most believable action-movie soldiers. [via Fightlinker] (additional note for MMA fans: Anderson Silva seems to speak pretty good English for a guy who always uses an interpreter)

Inception expected to surpass $100 million domestically by late tomorrow.  (*BRAAAAAAAAAHHMMM*). |Deadline|

The manager from Major League died. One of the most prolific “that guy”s around, James Gammon, died of adrenal and liver cancer in Costa Mesa at the age of 70.  That really sucks, because this guy seemed cool. He talked like he gargled with dirty syringes and rock salt, way before Christian Bale started thinking that was cool.  Though it has to be said, for a guy who made a career out of playing characters on death’s door, this is hardly surprising. |NYTimes|

Hangover 2 will be set in Thailand. Though it was initially rumored and then denied, ComingSoon is claiming they’ve confirmed that The Hangover 2 will indeed be set in Thailand, the land of coconut milk and projectile vaginas.  I’m not huge on the idea of comedy sequels, but if Zach Galifianakis carries a ladyboy wearing sunglasses around in a baby Bjorn, consider me sold. |ComingSoon|

Tracy Morgan’s Blavatar.  Tracy Morgan has taken to calling his “Black and Blue” special Blavatar, choosing it over A Blaffair to Rememblack. It’s funny because he’s African-American, you see.  And he makes pregnant women’s water break using karate.  |EW|

SITE NEWS: My on-lactation coverage of Comic Con begins tonight.  Expect photo essays, crowd weariness, and technical difficulties.  Burnsy and Chodin will be taking over the heavy news lifting for the next couple days, so expect C-Tates posts and lovingly-detailed gay jokes.  The latest episode of the Frotcast will be up tomorrow.  We even tried to mix it this time. (*BRAAAAAHM*)

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