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09.03.07 23 Comments

Some stupid website has some pictures from the set of the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Happening.  The site has their stupid logo splattered across them, because God forbid someone steal their exclusive of a fat guy riding a bicycle next to a ladder.  

Since I legitimately liked The Sixth Sense, I used to give M. Night the benefit of the doubt.  But then I saw Lady in the Water.  Not only was it twice as bad as The Village and Signs put together (no small feat), it also outed him as a giant asshole.  It's one thing to make a stupendously horrific turd, it's another to make a stupendously horrific turd about how great you are and how all your critics are meanies and jerks.  

So there you have it, Shyamalan, I don't like you.  I don't like your dipshit face, and I don't like your dipshit name. In fact, M. Night's not even your real name, which, according to Wikipedia, is Manoj Nelliattu Shyamalan.  How much of a pretentious dickbag do you have to be to start calling yourself "M. Night"?  Sure, Manoj Nelliattu might be hard to pronounce, but anyone with a shred of humility would've gone with "Manny".  Why don't you go hang out with "Ashton" Kutcher and "Topher" Grace and you can all pat each other on the back for having such hip showbiz names.  Honor thy father and mother, A-hole, it's in the bible.  Which you've never read, because you're a heathen.  For shame.

Next thing we know, he's going to be showing up on EntourageOh wait… 

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