Matt Damon is president of The Matrix or some sh*t

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05.12.10 28 Comments

This is the trailer for The Adjustment Bureau, the directing debut of Bourne Ultimatum and (woof) Ocean’s Twelve screenwriter George Nolfi, starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.  We find out Damon is running for Senate, and when he first meets free spirit Emily Blunt on a bus (a Senate candidate? really?), it seems like a normal romantic comedy.  But it’s based on a Philip K. Dick story so you know that’s not true.  Then they bang, but when Damon wakes up in her bed, Terrance Stamp and John Slattery are standing over him looking all Mad Men, to tell him that they “monitor the entire world”, and he’s just f*cked up. Next thing you know, they stop time like Zack Morris to clean the schmutz of some bald guy’s skull, and they tell Damon he can’t bang Emily Blunt anymore or else he’ll never be a Senator and she’ll never become a famous ballerina.

Of course, Matt Damon doesn’t like that idea, because Emily Blunt is super hot, and he wants to get banged again.  And for that, he must unravel the fabric of the entire universe.  “All I have are the choices that I make, and I choose her,” he says.  So then it’s all a big conflict between a chaotic, dangerous world where free will exists, and a world that’s comfortable, but where free will is only an illusion.  Pretty heavy stuff.  But hey, wasn’t this a Baywatch episode?

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