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Disclaimer: Posts written the day after the Super Bowl may lack the joie de vivre, devil-may-care je ne sais quois, and abilty to spell with which FilmDrunk has come to be associated.  For obvious reasons.

As you may have gathered from the million promos for The Sarah Conner Chronicles during the Super Bowl, the Terminator franchise is currently in the process of being raped.

Did you hear? The Charlies Angels guy is directing the fourth one – Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins.   And after somehow signing up Christian Bale, McG the one-named DBag is thinking big.

…Now he’s hoping There Will Be Blood star Day-Lewis will sign up for his first blockbuster action movie. MCG, real name Joseph MCGinty Nichol, tells WENN, "I’m looking for credible actors. We’ve already got Christian Bale, who is one of the greatest actors of his generation. "I’d love to get Daniel Day-Lewis, but I don’t know if he goes in for this kind of movie." The 39-year-old faces a tough task winning the British actor over – he famously leaves lengthy intervals between movie projects, and rarely takes on big budget projects. [Source]

I can only hope Daniel Day-Lewis will respond by ridiculing the size of McG’s milkshake and beat him to death with a bowling pin.  See what I did there? I made a humorous reference to the final scene of Daniel Day-Lewis’ last movie.  It was clever, but the reality is, McG really does love milkshakes.

[Thanks to ‘RoboPanda’ for putting the "ass" in "assist"] 

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