Mel Gibson axed from Hangover 2

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10.21.10 30 Comments


It was only a couple days ago that the story hit that Zach Galifianakis was “in deep protest” over something in Hangover 2.  A few sites speculated that he might be upset about Mel Gibson’s cameo role.  That seemed a little premature to me, and I don’t do speculation unless I have a really good picture of a doggy to go with it.  Well today it seems that they were probably right, as the fallout from pack of N-words gate continues.

Mel Gibson has been cut from “The Hangover 2” because the cast was pissed at the notion he’d be in the flick. TMZ has been hearing about the discontent among cast members all day.  We’ve been told Mel had been cut from the movie.
Warner Bros. went radio silence for most of the day and finally surfaced, saying through director Todd Phillips, “I thought Mel would have been great in the movie and I had the full backing of Jeff Robinov and his team.  But I realize filmmaking is a collaborative effort, and this decision ultimately did not have the full support of my entire cast and crew.”

We’ve known Mel Gibson is kind of crazy for a long time, right?  Remember that whole movie he made about the Jews killing Jesus?  My point is, he might be racist and is almost certainly crazy, but that doesn’t mean he was bad at his job.  It seems a little hypocritical not to work with him. You want to refuse working with anyone who might be racist or sexist?  Good luck finding a construction worker.

I know this makes me a Nazi sympathizer or whatever (and I apologize for the icky sincerity here), but I don’t think you should get to eavesdrop on a private conversation and then judge a person based on what you hear. (Update) As someone just pointed out on Twitter, Mike Tyson is a convicted rapist, and no one seemed to have a problem with working with him on the first movie.  This smacks of a phony PR move, and until Mel Gibson is actually proven to have DONE something, and not just said some naughty words, blackballing the guy is worse than anything he’s actually done.  Sorry, I’ll go back to making silly Photoshops now.

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