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10.11.10 11 Comments

This is the entirety of Uproxx’s operation. OR: If Gary Busey’s brain had a control room, this is what it’d look like. [NickHolmes via RobDelaney]


  • The Subtle Art of Announcement Video Disasters |Uproxx|
  • Get Buzzed With The Buzzworthy News |UproxxNews|
  • Bee Mystery Solved, Toddlers Online, and The Original Justin Bieber. |UproxxNews|
  • Banksy did the titles for last night’s Simpsons, and EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT IT. |WarmingGlow|
  • Captain America: Super Soldier video game trailer. |GammaSquad|
  • Be a rock God in three simple steps (NSFW). |Buzzfeed|
  • A More Elegant Bathrobe for a More Civilized Age. |ToplessRobot|
  • ‘The Wire’ Monopoly Really Should Exist. |UnrealityMag|
  • Rumor has it, Tom Brady didn’t like Randy Moss’s beard, and Moss didn’t like Brady’s stupid hair. |BostonBarstoolSports|
  • The guys from Hammer Fisted hooked me up with a press pass to Strikeforce this weekend.  Here’s my little write up. |HammerFisted|
  • Slave Leia no longer the hottest Star Wars Halloween costume. Behold: Sexy Wookie. |Fark|

[picture via SawedOff]

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