Morning links with Bangs and the monkey who saves puppies

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08.05.10 14 Comments

I’m sad to see that Bangs has lost some of his trademark rhythm.  Luckily he’s still got his trademark shades.   Incidentally, I think my favorite Bangs comment of last week was “Man, this deaf guy sure knows a lot of white girls.”


  • The next Twilight in three book proposals. |Uproxx|
  • Colbert craps on Laura Ingraham, who mentions that she went to Dartmouth 15 times.  Dartmouth must be thrilled. Did they say her book was number one on the best seller list?  Christ, that makes me sad. |WarmingGlow|
  • Now you can play rock ’em sock ’em robots wirelessly, like a Nintendo Wii.  Or you could just stop acting like a little bitch and punch each other. |GammaSquad|
  • University of Georgia films super lame orientation music video set to Miley Cyrus.  Sadly, they still have about 20 steps to fall down the coolness ladder before they get to UCSD, my alma mater. |WithLeather|
  • 5 Comic Books you’re not to cool to love.  Why’d I capitalize “Comic Books”? Because f*ck your mother, that’s why. |SmokingSection|
  • Seriously though, shut the f*ck up about the Arrested Development movie already.  Blogs have been pumping this non-story for traffic for going on three years now.  |TVSquad|
  • (Pictured) A monkey saved a puppy from a burning building in China.  I don’t know how this could be any better. A river otter partying with a baby polar bear?  Maybe. |BestWeekEver|
  • More fun with Basil Marceaux Dot Com. If you live in Tennessee, please vote for this guy.  Seriously. You aren’t good for much, Tennessee, just do us this one favor. |HolyTaco|
  • Screenjunkies reviewed Step Up 3D, which is nice, because I sure as hell wasn’t watching it. |Screenjunkies|
  • A preview of Halo Reach. I’m hoping you guys know what that means because I’m too poor for gaming. |G4|

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