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09.16.09 43 Comments

Apparently in Ghana in the 80s, entrepreneurial-minded guys would drive around from village to village with a VCR, projector, and generator and create a sort of mobile cinema.

In order to promote these showings, artists were hired to paint large posters of the films (usually on used canvas flour sacks). The artists were given the artistic freedom to paint the posters as they desired – often adding elements that weren’t in the actual films, or without even having seen the movies. When the posters were finished they were rolled up and taken on the road. [via assemblyman-eph]

Long story short, if you give a Ghanian artist a movie title and a canvas sack, nine times out of ten you get something weirder and cooler than any of the photoshopped garbage we get over here.  Holy crap, I think this one’s about Twilight fans.

[more posters here, thanks to BDarbs for the tip]

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