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09.20.07 13 Comments

There's a new red-band trailer for Aliens vs. Predator 2 (the site's in some f'ed up language but you can see the trailer by clicking on those top buttons).  R-rated trailers are supposed to have nudity or violence, and this one doesn't have much of either.  But ever since Beowulf started releasing R-rated trailers for a PG-13 movie, the world's gone completely mad.    The first AVP R-Trailer was more gory.  

But okay, fine. As opposed to this in principle as I am, it could be deliciously gory.  But still, wouldn't it be better if it was Predator vs., say, white people with dreadlocks?  Like, he's pissed off they bit his style?  Predator vs. Stupid Hippies, they could call it.

The other day I walked by a hair salon where, through the window, I could see a stylist standing behind her chair in which sat a middle-aged white woman with dreadlocks.  What the hell is the stylist gonna add?  Cigarette butts?  Sea shells? Incense ash?  Unless you're standing back there with a pair of clippers, or better yet, a machete, you're wasting everyone's time.  

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