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10.10.08 30 Comments

“James Bond had plastic surgery!” shouts the notoriously accurate British press.

Daniel Craig has revealed he needed plastic surgery after an accident on the set of the new James Bond movie.
The actor severed his fingertip and had eight stitches on his face after being accidentally kicked by one of his Quantum of Solace co-stars.
Craig said the incident, which happened in June, was “a stupid inconvenience”, telling Elle magazine “they gave me an excellent plastic surgeon.” [BBC]

And from that they concluded he had “plastic surgery.”  And this is the f-ckin BBC.  Look dipshits, when you get a cut on your face, it helps to have a plastic surgeon stitch it up, because they can stitch the inner as well as the outer layer of skin so the cut heals properly and you don’t get a big ugly scar.  It’s not like he went in for lipo or got breast implants or anything.  Though on Daniel Craig, a nice set of tits might be pretty hot.

[Thanks to Bryce, who has beautiful tits, for the tip]

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