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Skylar DeLeon, who had a bit part on Power Rangers and suffered the dual indignity of being both a former child actor and named ‘Skylar,’ was sentenced to death on Friday. He was convicted of killing a retired yacht-owning couple and another man he met on a work furlough program in a separate incident.  You may also remember DeLeon as the guy who “tried to saw off his own penis.”

During the trial, the court heard how Deleon and two other men, John F. Kennedy [Why would you name your kid that?] and Alonso Machain, had sailed out with the victims from Newport Harbor in November 2004 for what the unsuspecting couple believed was a test run. Deleon and his cohorts had been posing as prospective buyers of the yacht.

Once out at sea, the three men overpowered the couple, handcuffing them and covering their eyes and mouths with duct tape before forcing them to sign and fingerprint title transfer documents for the yacht.  Machain, who testified for the prosecution, told how the terrified couple were then tied to the boat’s anchor and lowered into the sea. Their bodies were never found. Machain and Kennedy face trials at a later date [Kennedy was convicted, and is due for sentencing next month].

Defense attorney Gary Pohlson had asked jurors to spare his client’s life, arguing that Deleon was abused by a drug-dealing father who left him predisposed to violence. He declined to comment after the sentencing. [AFP, AOL]

Jeez, man, he tried to cut off his own dick – what’s a guy gotta do to get an insanity verdict these days?  In any case, this is all the more reason to lock up Ace Ventura Jr. now as a preventative measure, while he’s still too weak to overpower yacht owners.

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