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“Why yes, I do look like an albino caveman.”

Ron Howard and his revolting translucent head fuzz recently accused the Vatican of hampering the production of Angels & Demons, which would sort of make sense for them, considering the plot of Dan Brown’s books is basically “what if the Bible was wrong?”

The Vatican was outraged by “The Da Vinci Code” and the Rome archdiocese made no secret about denying Howard authorization to film parts of the follow-up inside its churches. Howard said the Vatican also exerted its influence “through backchannels” to try to prevent him from shooting in areas around certain churches and got an event related to the film’s premiere canceled, he said.

“There was supposed to be a reception or screening here in Rome that had been approved and I suppose that the Vatican had some influence over that,” Howard told a news conference. “My only frustration as a film-maker is that we actually reached out a couple of times, going back to March, to sort of offer opportunities for bishops and others just to see the film. And those opportunities have all been declined,” Howard said. “So far all the criticism, all of the complaints about the film have been coming from people who haven’t seen it.”

I find it funny when people expect Catholic priests to behave logically, listen to reason, or not rape kids.  You realize who you’re talking to, right?  The recruiting pitch for this job basically consists of “Well, you won’t ever be able to have sex again.  But you do get to wear this jeweled cape…”

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