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Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to star in Borat writer Dan Mazer’s film about the Eurovision song contest, which he’s been developing since 2007.  The Eurovision song contest is basically like Miss Universe meets American Idol meets Sprockets, where groups representing European countries compete with comically overproduced song and dance numbers.  Past winners include Abba, and a Finnish goth band who dress like orcs (video after the jump).

Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to join “Eurovision: The Movie,” in which he will portray a singer who enters the competition.  A source said: “Mazer and Cohen thought it would be better if Sacha dreamt up another character, and the scope for another oddball creation is huge.”
The new movie is expected to be another fake documentary in the style of “Bruno” and “Borat.” The script has already been written and the film is expected to appear in theaters by 2011. [WorstPreviews]

Well the source material is certainly rife. Or is it ripe?  Probably both.  Anyway, the only problem I see is that most of the Eurovision entries are already so ridiculous that it’s almost impossible to do a parody version funnier than the original.  Nonetheless, it’s hard to predict how Cohen’s entry will fare – tentatively titled Two Dudes Having Sex with the Holocaust.

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