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04.21.09 42 Comments

Marty York, best known for his role as Yeah Yeah in The Sandlot in ’93 and who last acted in ’97, was recently arrested for beating up his girlfriend.  Which would never have happened if we sent all former child actors to internment camps like I keep saying.

Sources tell TMZ York was driving with his girlfriend in Los Angeles when they got in a heated argument. York says his GF struck him with her high heel shoe and he retaliated by punching her in the eye, causing a cut. York says they drove home, where the argument continued. A neighbor saw the cut on the woman’s eye and called the cops.  York says, “She got violent and started attacking me in the car… it caused me to swerve all over the road… I almost crashed and got in an accident… so I backhanded her.”
York says he and his woman are officially “back together.” [TMZ]

Of course they are.  Honestly, if you date a guy with eyebrows that look like that, you deserve to get backhanded from time to time.  And if York wants to learn some self-control, maybe he should try a personality test down at his former co-star Patrick “Ham” Renna’s Scientology center in Los Feliz.  And then we could lock the doors from the outside and gas them.  Don’t look at me like that, you know you were thinkin it.

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