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02.15.08 23 Comments

Bai Ling, whom you may remember from minor roles in The Crow, Star Wars Episode III, Southland Tales, or just that chick who shows up naked to places, was arrested for shoplifting.  But the kind of overpriced crap these big stars buy, it’s almost like the retailer is the thief and it’s nice to see someone returning the favor.

The 41-year-old Chinese actress was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of shoplifting two celebrity magazines and two packets of batteries at Los Angeles International Airport. The items had a total value of $16, said Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the airport’s police department. [AP]

Whoa, nevermind.  Magazines and batteries, eh?  I’m not going to speculate on what she was planning to do but it sounds sexy.  Sad-sexy.  A message on her blog the day of the arrest read:

"Life is a sad song sometime but still sings the beauty for their loved ones," she wrote.

Whose loved ones, life’s?  The song’s loved ones?  Look, I don’t know if she’s a drug addict or a kleptomaniac or a tranny or whatever, but I think the first thing she needs to do is tackle this antecedent problem.

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