09.14.07 11 years ago 11 Comments

Hey, remember clip shows? 

You know, back in the 80s, a TV show would go on vacation, and in place of a new show, they'd run a "clip show", where two characters start "reminiscing", and then the rest of the show is flashbacks of older clips of the show? 

Well this is going to be like that.

In honor of me having to travel to a wedding today, I'm doing a clip show.  Except instead of the time Ross played with his monkey, you'll be getting the best movie clips the internetz have to offer.  

Have you seen Greasy Sax Dude or The Elephant Throw?  Yeah, it's going to be like that.  And give yourselves a pat on the back, a lot of these clips were recommendations from the comments section. See? It's not just for racist bickering anymore.  Enjoy!


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