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11.19.09 13 Comments

Greetings, folks.  If you’re regular FilmDrunk reader, you’ve probably seen the name “Robopanda” on occasion.  He’s been feeding me tips and filling in when I go off the wagon on vacation pretty much since the beginning.  Uproxx thought, “Hey, why not give him his own site?”  And then we all beat each other about the genitals with a fish, a traditional celebration of the Uproxx people.

Robopanda’s site is called Gamma Squad ( and you can go there for all things geeky, gadgety, comic booky, and sci fiiiiiaaaaaah!  I have no doubt he’ll be finding all the best crap on the internet and serving it up as only RoboPanda can — i.e., soaked in windowpane acid.  I only ask that after you check Gamma Squad every day, you still come back to FilmDrunk and shoot the sh-t with the old gang.  Please?  Daddy can’t go back to working an office job, I burned those bridges a long, long time ago.  Torched ’em good, I did.

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