Spike Lee is still doing stupid things

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03.29.12 26 Comments

A big fan of Skee-Lo, Spike Lee finally got that rabbit in a hat he always wanted

I’ve always thought of Spike Lee as like the black Oliver Stone, a guy who’s great at being provocative, but not much else, and often says idiotic things. A great example? He recently retweeted a guy who tweeted the address of George Zimmerman, the guy who shot Trayvon Martin. Which would be awesome, except it was actually the address of a couple in their seventies.

The residence on Edgewater Circle is actually the home of David McClain, 72, and his wife Elaine, 70. The McClains, both of whom work for the Seminole County school system, have lived in the 1310-square-foot lakefront home for about a decade, records show.
In an interview tonight, Elaine McClain told TSG that she and her husband were “afraid” due to the online linking of her address to Zimmerman. “We’re keeping everything locked,” she said. McClain added that the couple was particularly unnerved by a letter mailed to them at their home. On the envelope, she said, were printed the words “Taste The Rainbow,” the slogan for Skittles. Martin was carrying a pack of Skittles and a can of ice tea when he was gunned down by Zimmerman.
McClain said her husband returned the envelope unopened to the post office.
The McClains only became aware that their address was being widely circulated online two days ago, when a TV reporter arrived at their home asking for “George.” Bewildered by their sudden–and erroneous–connection to Martin’s killer, the elderly couple’s distress can only be heightened by posts made by Twitter and Facebook users who threaten to visit their residence in search of Zimmerman. Or other posts that goad followers to vigilante action. [via TheSmokingGun]

This is neither here nor there, but I think “taste the rainbow” should be the official threat of the gay mafia.

The guy who originally tweeted the address is a 33-year-old from Los Angeles named Marcus Davonne Higgins. The Smoking Gun surmises that he made the mistake based on an old voter record for “William George Zimmerman,” the 41-year-old son of Elaine McClain (HAHA, RHYMING NAME!). It probably should’ve tipped Higgins off that this Zimmerman is 41 and Trayvon’s killer is 28. Oh, and also that they have different names.

Tweeting someone’s address is a violation of Twitter’s terms of services, but as of now, Lee’s account is still active. The McClains have temporarily moved into a hotel out of fear, and Lee has since apologized. And you know it was heartfelt because he didn’t even take the time to proofread it:

“I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain’s In Peace. Justice In Court.” [@SPIKELEE]

“Justice in court.” Isn’t that sweet? Nice to see he’s keeping the soapbox even after he just took a dump on it. Man, wasn’t it awesome a few days ago when pretty much everyone in the country was on the same page about this case, and even the douchiest of douchepundits couldn’t say anything about it (I’m purposely ignoring Geraldo here, because really, who cares about Geraldo)? It was all so straightforward – some mental case without a scratch on him claimed self-defense in the killing of an unarmed 17-year-old, that guy should probably be in jail. No one could argue that! Well congratulations, Spike Lee, you’ve given the A-holes something else to talk about for the next week. That’s exactly what we needed, more old, scared white people in Florida.

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