Maybe The Matrix Makes You Sad: This Week in Pictures of Bored People

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12.27.10 28 Comments

In almost a mirror image of the infamous “Sad Keanu” picture that set the internet on fire this year, Keanu Reeves’ Matrix co-star Laurence Fishburne was recently spotted looking equally sad, as if he’d just found out someone wrote a rap song about filling his daughter’s vagina with farts. Hey, who hasn’t been there?

Anyway, here’s your obligatory Photoshop:

"Neo, take the blue pill. It's Paxil."

Elsewhere in bored-looking people news, SlashFilm broke a new publicity still from Paul WS Anderson’s (aka Sh*tty Paul Anderson) upcoming three-dimensional take on Three Musketeers.  ALL FOR GAME-CHANGING AND GAME-CHANGING FOR ALL! (*3D glasses*)

From left, that’s Matthew MacFayden, Logan Lerman, Ray Stevenson, and Luke Evans [full-size version at SlashFilm].  By far the best part was how bored MacFayden looks to be in a Paul WS Anderson period piece:

Yeah, us too buddy.

Finally, spicy Latin superstars Javierrrr Barrrdem y Penelope Crrruz took in a Laker’s game on Christmas Day.  Strangely, Penelope didn’t seem all that excited about it:

Here’s the close up:

She was probably just put off by Andrew Bynum’s lackadaisical post play.  Totally understandable.

[via JustJared]

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