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04.17.09 15 Comments

Armored stars Matt Dillon, Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno, and Step Brother Stomp the Yard actor Columbus Short as a team of armored car guards.  It comes from awesomely named director Nimrod Antal, the man behind the kooky Hungarian subway guard movie Kontroll.  The trailer isn’t exactly interesting, but it has more reversals than I think I’ve ever seen.  OMG, they’re getting robbed!  …Psych! No they’re not, they’re good guys. …Psyche! No they’re not, they’re gonna rob their own armored car!  But no one will get hurt.  …Psyche!  Yes they will!  But Columbus and Matt are on the same side. …Psyche! No they’re not!  Psyche!  But maybe they are!  Or not!  Psyche!  Haha, this movie got you good, you f*ckers.

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