Weekend Preview: Hot Tub Dragon Trainer

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03.26.10 22 Comments

Opening this weekend:

Hot Tub Machine
Say what you will, nothing I’ve seen has done anything to diminish my enthusiasm for this movie based on the title alone.  And after this review, I’m pretty much sold.  I’m just glad I don’t have any stupid kids running around so I don’t have to see…

How to Train Your Dragon
When we were kids, our heroes weren’t necessarily the best looking or the most athletic guys, they were the guys who’d responded to their shortcomings by developing wit and interesting personalities.  Ferris Buellers and whatnot.  What I’m trying to say is, I’m sick of the sad, bitter, loser character in every f*cking movie now.  Oh, you’re poor and unathletic and you’re a wimpy kid with a diary who loves Beth Cooper?  Maybe if you shrug harder and feel sorry for yourself and act like a wounded prick, the world will just come around and you’ll be great some day.  What.  Does that not apply here?  I’ll be honest, I turned it off after 10 seconds of Jay Baruchel’s nasally drone.  And clearly, it’s a total rip off of…

I believe there are still a few tickets left for the midnight screenings tonight and tomorrow.  I will be there tonight, most likely drunk, in order to cheer on the movie Chodin called, “Like taking an egg yolk sh*t in a pair of scuba goggles and then wearing it around for an hour and a half.”  Yeah, I’m pretty miffed they haven’t used any quotes from Chodin’s review for anything yet.  I demand satisfaction.

UPDATE: Two more Birdemic showings have been added.

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